Supply Chain

As market leader on all of the major steel markets in the entire world – with an industrial presence in more than 20 countries on four continents – we have the responsibility for promoting sustainability in our industry.

We are convinced that our long-term growth is directly correlated with our commitment to the communities in which we are active, to our employees and to the environment.

Providing efficient and reliable service to our customers is key to our success. As one of the largest purchasers of goods and services worldwide, ArcelorMittal plays a significant role in the global economy.

Thanks to the size of ArcelorMittal’s supply chain, we are in a position to make an significant contribution to raising social and environmental standards.

Our responsible-minded sourcing programme is fundamentally important for reaching this goal, and it is a crucial component of our supply chain strategy. Our sourcing structure has three levels: global, regional and local. Global sourcing includes all those industries in which suppliers are active on a global level – for example, large mining operations. We have a series of regional sourcing platforms that ensure that our regional sourcing activities are as efficient as possible. Our local sourcing level utilises our global and regional contracts as well as our local  partners.


The global activities of the ArcelorMittal supply chain are supported by our shared service centres. These centres provide a support system for the entire company. Every centre maintains a broad palette of services including: accounts receivable, accounts payable, financial accounting, cost accounting, travel and expenses, salaries, asset management, purchasing and taxes. Our shipping and logistics service supports our steel and mining activities and is an integral part of the supply chain as a whole.

This service makes it possible for us to reliably and consistently supply our worldwide plants with raw materials. It also makes it possible to deliver our steel products to our customers. We are committed to achieving added value in our plants and offering exceptional services in order to maintain our competitive advantage.