Formed for safety

Steel for the cars of tomorrow: Usibor® outstanding crash resistance, is lighter and even tighter than traditional automotive steel.

When it comes to safety in vehicles Usibor® by ArcelorMittal is the first choice every time. The Usibor® and 22MnB5 materials are ideally suited for automotive components requiring outstanding crash resistance. The typical applications are bumper beams, door impact reinforcements, A-pillar reinforcement, B-pillar reinforcement, floor reinforcements, tunnel reinforcement, dash panel cross members and roof cross members.

Usibor® 1500 and 22MnB5 are steel grades intended for use after hot forming in automobile structural and safety components. The mechanical properties of the final parts are extremely high making it possible to achieve weight savings of 30% to 50% compared to conventional cold forming steel grades.

The Usibor® steel grades offer other decisive advantages. Their excellent hot formability properties allow complex geometries to be achieved. It is also possible to offer steel solutions that integrate several functions, eliminating reinforcement parts and assemblies. There is a complete absence of springback and Usibor® grades offer uniform mechanical properties in the final part.

ArcelorMittal has extended its delivery programme for hot formed steels with Ductibor® 500. This material is offered in combination with Usibor® 1500 as laser welded blanks (LWB) in order to produce hot formed components with locally higher ductility than Usibor® 1500. In certain areas of the vehicle deformation during a crash has to be very closely controlled.

ArcelorMittal is the first steel manufacturer to offer a precoated steel for hot forming: Usibor® 1500-AS with a hot dip coating made of aluminium and silicon.