For long and heavy products

    The Centre is specialised in research and development of heavy long products. It counts more than 30 engineers and technicians and contributes to a low cost and sustainable production of structural long products.

    The R&D Centre helps to develop the steel market in construction (fire engineering, earthquake resistance, corrosion protection…) and implements developments with internal customers in the plants or markets. Internal and external benchmarking is also an important related task.


    • Develop and implement advanced tools (measurement equipment and models) for intelligent production;
    • Develop new applications for steel, new products and technical solutions for construction for an easy use of steel, in an economic and sustainable way;
    • Develop user-friendly software for pre-design to allow engineering offices and architects for an easier use of steel;
    • Develop and influence international codes;
    • Disseminate knowledge by application to real buildings (15 to 20 / year) through partnerships with engineering offices and architects

    Key R&D facilities
    Numerical simulation, reduced scale Pb rolling mill, metallography, electronic work shop, external collaboration.

    Products and services
    Steelmaking & rolling mill process;

    • Piling products (dealing with market & product development of sheet piles);
    • Metallurgy;
    • Structural products (dealing with market & product development of beams)

    ArcelorMittal Esch-sur-Alzette R&D Centre
    66, rue du Luxembourg
    L-4221 Esch-sur-Alzette
    T: +352 5313-1