Long Steel Products for renewable energy

Crude oil or gas – natural resources are becoming scarce. One of the biggest challenges of our time is that of securing the energy supply. The steel industry also has to face up to this responsibility. ArcelorMittal makes an active contribution by offering a complete range of products and solutions to the energy industry from production to transport.

 In the wind power sector, ArcelorMittal provides long carbon steels for constructing the foundations of wind power plants. Special, reliable solutions are adapted to the high static and dynamic loads involved while decreasing the environmental footprint in the process. For some years now, lattice steel towers have again been built for the masts of the wind turbines; they are more competitively priced and lighter in weight than tube towers and they are also easier to transport. It is possible to achieve huge heights by using new combinations of steel grades and steel sections. Naturally, ArcelorMittal also supplies long carbon products for tube towers. They meet the specific criteria of each individual tower.

ArcelorMittal’s long carbon products are also used in the solar energy sector. Their use enables parts of the solar energy plants to be pre-assembled thus reducing both construction time and investment costs.

ArcelorMittal Long Carbon Europe is also a sought-after partner in the construction of biomass plants, whether for the expertise of its technical teams or for special steel grades such as HISTAR and 16Mo3.

ArcelorMittal’s expertise and products additionally play a huge role in the energy production of related markets, be it transformer substations for offshore wind farms or overhead power lines.

Last but not least, long carbon steel products by ArcelorMittal are the perfect solution for sustainable construction. In many sectors, a high proportion of the raw material is obtained from scrap metal. Rolled sections, for example, are also the most frequently recycled construction materials in the world. Recycled steel can be re-used indefinitely.

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