For even greater stability

High strength and ultra high strength: The Amstrong™ steel grades are characterised by stability and simultaneous lightness.

The Amstrong™ steel grades by ArcelorMittal are characterised by their high strength and ultra high strength, their stability and simultaneous lightness. It is possible to achieve considerable weight savings with the Amstrong™ high-strength steel. For example: the lighter an articulated trailer is, the more weight it can carry.

Amstrong™ high-strength steels have excellent mechanical properties: strength, notch toughness, creep strength. They are easy to form and weld under load, they possess a high level of ductility, have controlled inner purity and a low carbon content.

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Amstrong™ high-strength steels are used in a variety of sectors, for example in transport (construction equipment, trailers, agricultural machinery, railways, etc.), as sections (such as industrial racking) and in the construction industry (cranes, crash barriers, lamp posts, etc.).

And should even greater stability be required, Amstrong™ is available not only as a high-strength but also as an ultra high-strength steel grade enabling the construction of longer or taller crane booms for cranes and access platforms as well as tipper trucks, trucks and trailers. Unlike conventional structural steels, ultra high-strength steel grades facilitate a significant improvement in abrasion resistance. They are frequently more economical and easier to process than steels developed specifically for wear resistance. Due to their low carbon equivalent value (< 0.42%), these ArcelorMittal grades can be welded without pre- or post-heating. Furthermore, they are completely resistant to cold cracking and suitable for all arc welding methods. Amstrong™ steels are also eminently suitable for oxy-fuel, plasma and laser cutting.

Just like the pole vaulter’s pole, Amstrong™ is therefore the strong, high-performance material that enables ArcelorMittal customers to reach higher goals when generating impressive steel solutions.