Jumbos for special projects

Steel needs to be more than high-strength for long-span trusses, for buildings in earthquake regions or structures exposed to other high stresses.

Some building projects require very special materials. Steel needs to be more than just high-strength for long-span trusses and offshore structures, for buildings in earthquake regions or structures exposed to other high stresses. It must possess high yield strength, excellent toughness at low temperatures and superior weldability. A combination of material properties which were previously deemed incompatible. ArcelorMittal, however, has developed just such a steel in HISTAR.

Compared to standard structural steels, HISTAR steels feature improved guaranteed mechanical properties across the entire range of section thicknesses. HISTAR steels are available with guaranteed toughnesses for temperatures down to -20 °C, HISTAR L even for low temperatures down to -50 °C. The special HISTAR steels offer additional special features for offshore structures.

Several different HISTAR steels are currently available on the market – four different grades for general structures and another four for offshore structures. The HISTAR steels can be supplied in a huge variety of different dimensions and sections. HISTAR can also be supplied blast cleaned and with surface coating at additional cost.

Sections in HISTAR steel grades have measurable economic advantages compared to conventional steel grades under compressive, tensile and bending stresses. Reasonably priced rolled sections can be used to replace complicated and expensive built-up sections. The reduced weight achieved with HISTAR leads in turn to cost-savings in material, finishing and assembly. HISTAR steels develop their full potential in the design of tension members in trusses. Here, they not only allow savings in material costs by taking full advantage of the high yield strength; the reduction of the dead load of the truss also leads to the design of even thinner sections, resulting in additional savings in production costs. This is a highly significant aspect not least from an environmental point of view.