Technological innovation

    Innovative thinking is encouraged across the company, due to the influence of ArcelorMittal’s research and development team. Research and development (R&D) helps us to realise ArcelorMittal’s ambitions in technological innovation, to support its sustainability goals as well as ensuring its future growth.

    The influence of R&D permeates all parts of the business, with the result that innovative thinking is encouraged across the business – at all levels. In Luxembourg, the R&D Centre in Esch is taking part of this involvement in particular in construction and long products improvements.

    The R&D mission

    • develop products that create value for customers and expand the use of ArcelorMittal’s steels worldwide;
    • improve ArcelorMittal’s competitiveness by developing new industrial processes – and optimising existing ones – to reduce cost and improve quality;
    • contribute to sustainable development by reducing the environmental impact of products and processes; and
    • continuously upgrade ArcelorMittal’s scientific knowledge and attract technical talent.

    With 1,400 full-time researchers in 11 research centres across the globe, our R&D is highly business oriented, ensuring a shorter time to market and improved competitiveness in a variety of sectors.

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