Innovative and environmentally friendly solutions in Berlin

Berlin, 4 June 2013 - From 4 to 6 June 2013, the Coil Winding, Insulation & Electrical Manufacturing Exhibition (CWIEME) in Berlin is the place-to-be for manufacturers of electricity generators, motors and transformers. At this trade fair, ArcelorMittal will present its worldwide offer for the core materials of electromagnetic applications.

This offer includes fully processed and semi-processed non-oriented (NO) electrical steels and grain-oriented (GO) electrical steels. These magnetic materials are used in basic household appliances, as well as in high-tech micromotors, aeronautic applications and in the largest high-efficiency motors, generators and transformers. Typical application of ArcelorMittal's electrical steels are power generators, industrial motors, railway and automotive traction.

iCARe™ - Steel for electrical mobility
The focus will also be on the applications for the automotive industry. ArcelorMittal's iCARe™offer is the first electrical steel product range designed specifically to meet the requirements of the electric vehicle (EV) sector. Finding innovative (i) and environmentally friendly (e) solutions is essential for the CAR of tomorrow. These values form the core of the name iCARe™. Our iCARe™ steels help automakers create environmentally friendly mobility solutions for a greener world. ArcelorMittal presents three different types: steels with very low losses, with high permeability and steels for high speed rotors.

As part of the iCARe™ project, ArcelorMittal has also completed a 90 million EUR investment in the creation of a new continuous annealing line at its production facility at St-Chély d’Apcher, France. Potentially capable of producing up to 120,000 tonnes of iCARe™ steels per year, this production line will support the development of further breakthrough innovations for the automotive steel sector, helping to meet growing global demand from EV manufacturers.

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