Sustainable Steel

    It is our corporate philosophy to produce safe, sustainable steel – that reflects our strong commitment to protect and improve the environment in which we live and work. We constantly work to develop clean practices in steel production.

    We believe that it is not enough simply to be satisfied with the status quo. That is why our 1,400 scientists are constantly trying to develop cleaner and greener processes for producing steel.One example of that is our modern high strength steel. By increasing the strength of the steel, less material is needed. Our high strength lightweight construction steel Histar®, which has been used in buildings like the Freedom Tower in New York and the Emirates Tower in Dubai, can reduce CO2 emissions during construction by as much as 30%.

    Steel is an especially sustainable material in that it can be recycled repeatedly and without loss of quality. Thanks to this property, it surpasses other materials and saves millions of tonnes of ore, coal and other resources worldwide.

    Environmental protection enjoys a place of special significance in ArcelorMittal’s corporate policies.

    Our performance in environmental protection is characterised by the following principles:

    • Adoption of environmental management systems including ISO 14001 certification in all areas of production.
    • Compliance with all relevant environmental protection laws and regulations along with any other corporate obligations.
    • Ongoing improvements with regard to environmental protection through systematic monitoring and targeted avoidance of environmental pollution.
    • Development, improvement and application of environmentally protective production processes with the aid of locally available raw materials.
    •  Development and manufacture of environmentally friendly products by taking into account their application and subsequent recycling.
    •  Efficient use of natural resources, energy and land.
    •  Definition and reduction of the CO2 footprint associated with steel production, to the extent that it is technically and economically justifiable.
    • The obligations and responsibilities of employees in matters of environmental protection.
    •  Recognition and acceptance of ArcelorMittal’s environmental policies by suppliers and contractors.
    • Open communication and dialog with all interested groups that conduct business with ArcelorMittal.